State & Local Tax Services

Taxes are increasing at every level and, as a result, so are audits. Our experienced state and local tax team will focus on your tax issues – so you can focus on your business. We know how to deal with state and local taxing authorities to best represent your business, reduce your current tax bill and minimize your future tax bills. We keep a constant watch on court decisions, tax rulings and changes in tax laws at all levels, in all states and localities. We are prepared to get you every deduction, exemption and tax reduction the law allows.

Weaver’s multistate experience is the foundation for meeting your needs. No matter what jurisdiction you are currently or anticipate operating in, we’ll closely study your business to understand your particular tax issues and financial goals. Then, we’ll customize a strategic, industry-focused and technology-driven tax plan to help you minimize your state tax liabilities.

Our State & Local Tax Services include:

Income and Franchise Taxes

Navigating the complexities of state income, franchise and gross receipts-based taxes can be burdensome and have a wide-ranging impact on your business. Rules vary extensively between states, and states are becoming more creative in their attempts to increase their tax base. Many regulations apply even if your company is having a loss year. Weaver’s experienced state and local tax professionals can help take the burden of state income and franchise tax compliance off you through a broad array of tax advisory, controversy and compliance services:

  • Nexus studies – determination in which jurisdictions tax returns are required
  • Review apportionment methodologies and sourcing of revenue
  • Determination of business versus nonbusiness income
  • Negotiate and obtain voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Audit defense and controversy – manage state tax audits to limit any exposure
  • Reverse tax audits – identify tax overpayments or exposures
  • Tax modeling in connection with a reorganization
  • Transaction assistance including legal entity formation, dissolution and mergers
  • Perform state tax due diligence
  • Obtain tax clearance certificates
  • Tax compliance services for all filing jurisdictions
  • Obtaining letter rulings to clarify the state’s position on the taxpayer’s specific facts
  • Providing guidance on new state tax policy and legislation and advising on the impact of those changes
Sales and Use Taxes

Sales and use taxes are referred to by many names. At Weaver, we refer to them as all taxes applied during a transaction on a sale or process. This includes gross receipts tax, transaction privilege tax, and the retailers’ occupation tax or the service occupation tax. With 46 jurisdictions currently imposing varying sales and use taxes, navigating the process yourself can be tricky. Weaver’s professionals have diverse experience to help walk you through the nuances of sales and use taxes. Our services include:

  • Audit representation
  • Sampling analysis
  • Controversy and appeals
  • Comprehensive overpayment/underpayment reviews
  • Tax return and license compliance outsourcing
  • Strategic planning, process improvement and automation
  • Voluntary disclosure, registrations, private letter rulings and nexus analysis
  • Training seminars and professional development (including customized seminars)
Property Taxes

It’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your property taxes due to their subjective nature. Weaver can help with personal property tax filings such as renditions and Freeport Exemptions. Our team is focused on tailoring solutions to minimize your property tax liability and meet your business objectives, with services that include:

  • Rendition filings and compliance
  • Negotiate valuation settlements
  • Present formal appeals
  • Research aftermarket sales to support values and depreciation schedules
  • Freeport Exemption application preparation and filing
Tax Controversy and Audit Representation

State tax controversy and audits can emerge throughout all spectrums of state and local tax, including income and franchise, sales and use, employment, and property taxes. Our team will help you evaluate the audit issues, prepare the documentation for your defense, negotiate with auditors and represent you during every step in the process. In the situation that your case goes to trial in a state district court, we’ll help point you in the right direction of resources that can help you at that stage. Our goal is to make the audit process as easy as possible for you while still protecting your best interests and minimizing your state tax burden. We manage the controversy and audit process, including:

  • Working with state and local tax auditors to address issues as they arise
  • Identifying potential overpayments to offset any tax assessment
  • Analysis of documents as they relate to the taxpayer’s position
  • Obtaining letter rulings to clarify the state’s position on the taxpayer’s specific facts
  • Preparation of administrative claims and refund claims with appropriate documentation
  • Working with Departments of Revenue to facilitate the possibility of a non-litigation result
  • Representation at most stages of the administrative process
  • Assistance in the settlement process
  • Assistance with helping clients to take corrective action
Specialized State and Local Taxes

The following specialized services are designed to add value to your business, help you understand the impact of state and local taxes, and minimize your overall tax burden.

Credits and Incentives

  • Identify and obtain statutory and negotiated state tax incentives or credits
  • Income/franchise tax credits related to business expansion (investment), relocation, or retention of facilities and/or workforce
  • Employment tax credits such as job training credits or grants
  • Property tax incentives such as real or personal property tax abatement and/or exemptions
  • Modeling the tax cost-gaps resulting from continuity of business presence or expansion among competing jurisdictions
  • Corporate relocation assistance and tax incentive analysis

Employer Withholding

  • Withholding registration
  • Tax reporting and compliance 
  • Unemployment registration
  • Audit defense and controversy services
  • Voluntary disclosure/tax amnesty services

Unclaimed Property Services

  • Identify types of property subject to escheatment
  • Determine abandoned period
  • Audit defense
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