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Minimize state and local tax liabilities while managing risk.

Keeping up with overlapping or conflicting state and local tax requirements can be challenging for any business. Whether it’s planning for future tax payments, complying with an array of regulations or mounting a strategic audit defense, each stage of the tax life cycle presents complex challenges and risks for businesses and individuals.

Weaver’s multistate experience is the foundation for meeting your needs. No matter what jurisdiction you are currently or anticipate operating in, we’ll closely study your business to understand your particular tax issues and goals. Using the right technology for your needs, we’ll customize a strategic and industry-focused plan to help minimize your state tax liabilities while managing potential tax risks.

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Weaver’s state and local tax professionals offer a full range of services to navigate this ever changing landscape. Our services are focused on helping you minimize your tax liabilities proactively into the future as well as taking care of any historical matters.

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Leanne Sobel

Leanne Sobel

Director, Motor Fuels and Excise Tax Services


Leanne Sobel, J.D., has over 15 years of experience in legal tax matters. Her career focus includes federal and state tax and…

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