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Tuesday Tax Tidbit: Don’t Overlook Reinvested Dividends

One of the most common mistakes investors make is forgetting to increase their basis in mutual funds to reflect reinvested dividends. Many mutual fund investors automatically reinvest dividends in additional shares of the fund. These reinvestments increase tax basis in the fund, which reduces…

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Planning for Tax Issues Before and After a M&A Deal Closes

During most merger and acquisition deals, taxes are a priority when negotiating a purchase price. However, if tax implications are neglected both during and after the integration phase, serious consequences can result. Adequate tax planning and management is crucial to help alleviate…

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R&D Tax Credit Savings for Permian Basin Oil and Gas Companies

he federal research and development (R&D) tax credit, first enacted in 1981, offers potential significant tax benefits to Permian Basin oil and gas companies. The credit expired as of December 31, 2013, but it will likely be renewed for the 2014 tax year due to broad political support…

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Checking Your Beneficiary Designations

Estate planning is not just for the rich. Regardless of your level of wealth, there is one estate planning move that applies to everyone: checking the beneficiary designations for your life insurance policies, bank accounts, brokerage firm accounts, retirement accounts and other assets.…

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Lessons from Thriving Banks: It’s a Real-World Stress Test

Bank failures during the recent recession led some people to question the ongoing role of community banks in our nation’s financial system. But a 2013 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (the “St. Louis Fed”) suggests that community banks will continue to play a vital role in the U.S…

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Are Your Information Systems Secure?

"Warning: Your computer systems may have been compromised." It's the news no executive team wants to hear, but it's increasingly commonplace in today's interconnected world. 

In July 2013, smartphone, tablet and computer manufacturer Apple Inc. experienced a high-profile cyber attack…

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