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Scope 3 emissions include the same 6 GHGs that are inventoried in Scope 1 and Scope 2 but the difference is that they appear in the product’s value stream.
Scope 2 emissions are purchased from, and managed by, an off-site entity, such as an electric company, a localized grid or energy district.
In our continuing series, we continue with Scope 1 emissions and take a deep dive into measuring and accounting for greenhouse gas emissions.
Our Greenhouse Gas Series dives into the three different types of emissions used to delineate direct and indirect sources of greenhouse gas emissions.
Take a dive into the topic of impact investing, effects of market volatility, “greenwashing”, proposed SEC rules for ESG disclosures & evolving market reactions.
If your company is considering whether to create carbon credits for sale on the voluntary market, there are a number of key concepts to understand before beginning.