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Start exploring insights from across the industries we serve, featuring the latest industry trends, compliance alerts, tax and accounting news and much more.

Get ahead of the curve by looking back at emerging trends in 2022 that are likely to impact health care valuation in 2023 and beyond. Download Weaver Insights now.
Health care services transaction volume decreased significantly in 2022, decelerating from a blistering pace in 2021.
Selling a health care business takes preparation to ensure a satisfactory outcome. If you are considering this move, you should be taking these steps now.
What are the valuation takeaways from the percentage of the U.S. population without health insurance being at record lows?
Will Frazier, Valuation Services, shares his research on Nonmarketable Investment Company Evaluation (NICE) Method with ASA’s Business Valuation Review.
Weaver highlights strategies to consider when planning and executing estate and gift tax and explains why now is the perfect time to act.
Learn why hospitals are pulling every lever to control expenses as statistics show a significant increase in total costs due to inflation and labor shortages.
Hospitals | Rural Health Clinics | Physicians A resource for the rural health care industry in Texas, containing current research and benchmark data related to finance, operations, compensation, and valuation.
With the post-2021 recovery in health care, profits for providers are expected to continue to rise. What are the implications for health care valuations?
Weaver highlights strategies to consider when planning and executing estate and gift tax. Learn why these strategies are optimal for most wealthy estates.
Learn why valuators should evaluate the impact of investment, or partnership, in telehealth infrastructure & other outpatient programs.
Urgent care operators have invested a record amount of capital into opening new sites in 2022. What is the impact on health care valuations?
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