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SPAC Services

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, called SPACs or “blank check companies,” have been around since 1993 but exploded as a viable capital markets strategy in 2019. The Weaver team has experienced the times of novelty and wide acceptance of the go-public strategy. We embrace their acceptance and are ready to use our experience for the benefit of our clients.

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SEC Issues New Rules for SPACs
Find out about new SEC rules for SPAC IPOs and subsequent de-SPAC transactions, including enhanced disclosure requirements.
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Weaver's Public Company practice group can help. 

SPACs are publicly traded and formed for the purpose of pooling investor capital through an IPO, then finding an operating business to acquire and roll into an operating public company, usually in less than 24 months. You often hear these SPAC transactions described in the following phases: SPAC Formation, Target Company Readiness and De-SPAC Activities. Whether you are on the sponsor SPAC or the target operating company side, we’re here to help.

The issues facing a SPAC are usually similar to those for any company considering an IPO, but the timeline for compliance and transformation of the entity can be a challenge. Read more about the benefits and challenges of a SPAC in our Insights article about non-traditional IPOs, including SPACs.

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