Five Key Questions for Board Meetings

As a board member, it’s critical to ensure your organization is ready for whatever lies just beyond the horizon. In this series of articles, we present five critical questions to ask and central topics to discuss at your board meetings to help ensure that your organization is prepared to weather whatever challenges the future holds. These discussions should help your organization adapt to changing landscapes and find both immediate and long-term success.

In this article, you will find responses to these five questions:

  1. Do we have a plan for financial disclosures related to the effects of COVID-19?
  2. Are we prepared for current and future supply chain disruptions?
  3. Are our IT systems secure?
  4. Are we considering ESG reporting in our reporting and planning?
  5. Is our business continuity plan up to date?

John Wauson

John Wauson

Partner-in-Charge, Risk Advisory Services


John Wauson, CPA, has 14 years of public accounting and risk advisory experience. With a dedication to client service, John…

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