Jason McBride

Director, Digital Transformation and Automation Services

Jason McBride

Location: Austin
Services: Digital Transformation and Automation

Jason McBride has more than 20 years of experience leading IT and analytics teams focused on client experience, process improvement, efficiency, user experience, cost reduction and actionable insights. As a leader in Weaver’s Digital Transformation and Automation practice, Jason works with clients across a broad range of industries to develop and execute their data strategy and solutions.

Jason’s background includes time spent at Fortune 500 companies such as CyberTrader and Charles Schwab. While in these roles, he worked towards turning disparate data points into prescriptive insights that leadership used to drive the business, and helped prioritize enhancements to digital products to boost user experience. As a team leader, Jason focuses on building a strong culture of employment development, quality work and maximizing strengths.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics, with certifications in computer science and management information systems from the University of Texas.