Our People

Weaver is unique in that, although we are a partnership, the firm is governed by a leadership team as well as an Executive Committee whose character and decisions set the tone for and determine the direction of our business. It's corporate strategy with accountability. Meet the members of our leadership team below.

Leadership Team

Partners in Charge

Name Title

Anderson, Matt

Partner-in-Charge, Alternative Investments

Bunk, Elizabeth

Partner-in-Charge, South Texas Private Client Services

Dempsey, Sara

Partner-in-Charge, Public Sector Services

Head, Lisa

Partner-in-Charge, Investment Fund Tax Services

Henry, Robert

Partner-in-Charge, South Texas Business Tax Services
Horn, C. Colby Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate and Hospitality Services

Hunt, Trey

National Strategy Leader, Middle Market and Private Equity

Jay, Brad

Partner-in-Charge, Manufacturing, Distribution and Technology Services

Jensen, Dale

Partner-in-Charge, North Texas Assurance Services

Lund, Mark

Partner-in-Charge, Construction Services

Martin, Alyssa

National Strategy Leader, Large Market and Public Entities

McCane, Adam

Partner-in-Charge, Central Texas Assurance Services

Mihills, James

Partner-in-Charge, Financial Institutions Services

Myatt, Rob

Partner-in-Charge, Energy Services

Parker, Shawn

Partner-in-Charge, Audit Services

Patel, Neha

Partner-in-Charge, IT Advisory Services

Reeves, Justin

Partner-in-Charge, North Texas Private Client Services

Sanford, Kevin

National Strategy Leader, Financial Services

Siddons, Clint

Partner-in-Charge, North Texas Business Tax Services

Thomas, Brian

Partner-in-Charge, Advisory Services

Thomas, Mary

Partner-in-Charge, International Tax Services

Warr, Colby

Partner-in-Charge, South Texas Assurance Services

Watson, Mark

Partner-in-Charge, Tax Quality and Risk Management

Watson, Wade

Partner-in-Charge, Energy Compliance Services

Wauson, John

Partner-in-Charge, Risk Advisory Services

Wren, Sam

Partner-in-Charge, Business Tax Quality and Risk Management
Name Location Services

Allred, Jody

Fort Worth Public Company Services, Risk Advisory

Bradley, Jon

Dallas Tax

Butler, David (Beau)

Houston Valuation

Desai, Sonia

Austin Forensics & Litigation, Valuation

Edgerton, Larry

Midland Tax

Elms, Tracy

Midland Tax
Federle, Matt Dallas Assurance

Flatt, James

Fort Worth, Midland Tax
Flores, Andy Houston Assurance

Hardison, Carrie

Fort Worth Tax

Henry, Robert

San Antonio Tax

Hill Jr., Mike

Houston Forensics & Litigation, Valuation

Hirsh, Mike

Dallas Tax

Hunt, Trey

Houston Assurance, Leadership Team, Public Company Services
Ilgenstein, Phil Austin Assurance

Jaramillo, John Michael

Midland Assurance

Jensen, Dale

Dallas Assurance, Public Company Services

Loritz, Bob

Fort Worth Assurance

Martin, Alyssa

Dallas Public Company Services, Risk Advisory

McCane, Adam

Austin Assurance, Public Company Services
McLean, Shaun Dallas Tax

McNutt, Laura

San Antonio Tax

Myatt, Rob

Dallas Tax

Parappilly, Reema

Houston IT Advisory
Pezzi, Jon Houston Tax

Popal, Mostafa

Dallas Assurance, Public Company Services

Rendziperis, George

Austin Tax

Roberts, Jon

Houston Tax

Roman, Laura

Midland Public Company Services, Tax

Smith, Phillip

San Antonio Assurance

Stewart, Shane

Dallas Tax
Tarwater, Paul Houston Assurance

Thakore, Suhrid

Houston Assurance

Thomas, Mary

San Antonio International Tax

Valentine, Chad

Midland Assurance, Public Company Services

Warr, Colby

Houston Assurance

Watson, Mark

Houston Leadership Team, Tax

Wauson, John

Dallas Public Company Services, Risk Advisory

Weihe, John

Houston Assurance, Public Company Services

Wren, Sam

Fort Worth Tax

Young, Marc

Midland Tax

Zauner, Helga

Houston Forensics & Litigation