Forensics & Litigation Services

Today more than ever you need to know the facts. Dishonesty, deception and disputes have become commonplace. Having the facts is the key to resolving situations that could result in significant financial, legal and reputational costs. So how can you uncover the facts and get to the truth? The solution involves having the right team, with the right skills, and with the right investigative techniques.  

Weaver Forensics is your solution. Our team combines forensic accounting and fraud investigative skills with deep industry knowledge, enabling us to swiftly and discreetly get to the facts. By discovering and documenting evidence, reconstructing events, conducting interviews, analyzing complex financial transactions or providing expert testimony, our team can help you recover your losses, mitigate future damage and develop support for legal actions if that becomes necessary.

The forensic team includes professionals who are not only Certified Public Accountants, but also a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, a Certified Information Technology Professional, and Certified Fraud Examiners. They have experience in many different industries and areas of law, from receiverships to white-collar crime, public and private sector, as well as nonprofits, family law, estates and trusts, partnerships and bankruptcy. Please contact one of our forensic professionals on the right, or one of our key forensic tax partners below, to discuss how Weaver can help you.

Our investigations services include:

  • Investigating allegations of fraud, misconduct or noncompliance
  • Analyzing complex financial transactions and relationships
  • Conducting computer-assisted analysis of voluminous data
  • Independent response to whistleblower allegations
  • Board and audit committee concerns

Beyond the investigation process, we provide innovative, credible litigation and dispute support. These services include:  

  • Obtaining relevant discovery material, including information from electronic sources
  • Helping counsel evaluate financial claims or defenses
  • Providing clear and concise testimony and evidentiary presentations
  • Serving as court-appointed independent accounting experts
  • Preparing comprehensive damage calculations for breach of contract or other cases 
  • Performing complex tracings in family law or other civil matters
  • Providing detailed findings and recommendations for corrective actions

With fraud and noncompliance reaching epidemic proportions, it is critical that businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies are provided with timely, accurate and relevant information to respond to a potential fraud as soon as it occurs. Swift action in getting the facts will enable you to respond appropriately and timely before it cripples your operations or financial future.

Jeff Matthews

Jeff Matthews

Partner-in-Charge, Forensics and Litigation Services


Jeff Matthews, CPA, CFE, brings substantial experience in financial investigations, forensic accounting and litigation…

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